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11 November 2019

91 climate activists from Friends of the Earth France and Action Non-Violente COP21 have today forced the cancellation of the second day of the European Annual Gas Conference (EAGC) in Paris.

31 October 2019

In one of the last acts of President Juncker’s administration, the European Commission has today backed 55 new climate-damaging fossil fuel projects, as part of a list of priority energy projects - a move that flies in the face of the climate emergency say Friends of the Earth Europe and Food & Water Europe.

30 October 2019

The next few days will help determine whether Czech forests will begin to prepare for climate change, or whether they might further wither away – as Hnuti Duha / Friends of the Earth Czechia take the fight to save Czechia’s forests to parliament.

Czechia’s extensive forests have in recent years faced a barrage of threats - which are only set to intensify with climate change. From deforestation, to hotter temperatures, to more aggressive diseases, drought, and fire.

Czech Republic
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