NGOs demand transparency in EU-US trade talks

30 September 2019

On September 30 2019, the day of Phil Hogan’s interview to become EU trade commissioner, an alliance of European civil society organisations published an open letter to European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen, and to Phil Hogan himself.
Lobby Control, Corporate Europe Observatory and Friends of the Earth Europe, together with several signatories, are pointing out the lack of transparency in the ongoing EU-US trade talks, especially on the issue of so-called “regulatory cooperation”.

NGOs call on the Trade Commission

  • to make public all agreements and treaties that the current EU-US trade negotiations are based on;
  • to exclude from those negotiations all areas that are not included in the Council’s negotiating mandates or threaten existing levels of protection as well as those provisions that circumvent democratic decision making and proper public oversight;
  • to publish documents which explain the negotiating objectives in a transparent manner, allowing to assess the actual risks those negotiations pose to the public;
  • to produce an impact assessment of its own proposals for the negotiating mandate.