Anti-nuclear European Citizens Initiative rejected

1 June 2012

Brussels/Vienna, June 01 – People worried about the dangers of nuclear power will not be able to have their voices heard on a European level, after a European Citizens' Initiative to allow citizens to directly influence European energy policy was rejected yesterday by the European Commission.

'My voice against nuclear power', initiated by GLOBAL 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria and organised together with international partner organisations, was not accepted as a 'European Citizens' Initiative' – the new mechanism for improving direct democracy in the European Union.

Magda Stoczkiewicz, director for Friends of the Earth Europe said: "It's crucial that the voices of European citizens are heard, especially on an issue as significant as nuclear power. Today's decision is a blow for people who want to see a nuclear free world – the majority of Europe's citizens."

Nuclear power remains more than ever a threat to people and planet, a fact driven home by the Fukushima disaster in Japan last year. 'My voice against nuclear power' calls for Europe to move beyond costly and unsafe nuclear power, and towards a Europe that embraces the environmental and economic benefits of clean, renewable resources, and of energy savings [1].

Friends of the Earth Europe remains committed to bringing the voices of citizens concerned about the dangers of nuclear power directly to decision makers in Brussels, and is investigating further steps to ensure the successful registration of this initiative.

The demands reflect public opinion, are supported by Friends of the Earth groups and other anti-nuclear movements across Europe, and justify a pan-European initiative against nuclear power.

Klaus Kastenhofer, director for GLOBAL 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria said: "This is a legally sound, and necessary initiative. The European Commission should be starting a genuine, open process to bring about the end of the nuclear age in Europe. Our energy future must be based on renewables and energy efficiency."

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The legal justification for the European Citizens Initiative of Global 2000 and Friends of the Earth Europe are available on request. ‘My voice against nuclear power’ demands that the European Commission provides scenarios and criteria to phase-out high-risk nuclear power stations. The principles of environmental protection and the precautionary principle are protected – aspects regulated in the Lisbon Treaty.