4 February 2015

This briefing analyses proposals for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) chapter on food safety and animal welfare published by the European Union in January 2015

The draft proposal provides a clear indication of EU trade officials’ intentions for the final agreement. This briefing explains how  the proposed text will undermine existing health and safety regulations in both the EU and the United States. 

4 December 2014

This report compiles all publicly available data on investor-state dispute settlement cases taken against EU member states since 1994. It highlights the irrefutable attack on recent EU accession countries and the environment, as well as the cost this system has already had on EU taxpayers and European democracy.

The ‘investor-state dispute settlement’ mechanism has been coming under growing public scrutiny due to its inclusion in the ongoing negotiations of an EU-US trade deal and the recently concluded EU-Canada trade treaty.

19 November 2014

On September 26, 2014, Canada and the European Union (EU) announced the conclusion of a far-reaching economic integration agreement, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). The agreement includes an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism, which
could unleash a corporate litigation boom against Canada, the EU and individual EU member states, and could dangerously thwart government efforts to protect citizens and the environment.

29 September 2014

Negotiations on a transatlantic trade deal between the European Union and the United States threaten the EU’s ability to regulate imports, authorisations and safety checks of genetically modified food and seeds, which could mean an increase in GM imports to the EU. US agri-business and the biotech sector have been pushing for greater access to European markets for years, and US negotiators are using the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks to push their demands.

17 July 2014

This briefing demonstrates how corporate lobby groups are using trade threats, and particularly the EU-US trade talks as a vehicle to attack, weaken and delay important environmental regulation still in the making. The Fuel Quality Directive has already being delayed and potentially weakened threatening EU climate policies and an influx of tar sands to Europe.

14 July 2014

EU-US trade: the myths behind the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.

This is a controversial tool that allows companies to use trade agreements to file expensive private lawsuits against host states when democratically-agreed regulatory changes are deemed to affect their investment potential, including their profits.

14 July 2014

Friends of the Earth Europe's full response to the European Commission consultation on investment protection and ISDS in the EU-US trade deal.

6 March 2014

A trade deal between the EU and the US risks opening the backdoor for the expansion of fracking in Europe and the US, reveals this new report.

17 October 2013

The TTIP of the anti-democracy iceberg: this briefing examines the dangers inherent in introducing provisions for investor-state dispute settlement in the EU-US trade talks. This mechanism would empower foreign investors to challenge national authorities in international courts, in order to claim financial compensation if they deem that their investment potential (and related profits) are being hindered by regulatory or policy changes that
have occured at the national level.

17 October 2013

The drive for 'regulatory coherence' in the transatlantic trade talks risks pushing food and farming standards down in the US and EU. Big food and biotech companies are pushing to eliminate EU restrictions on genetically modified (GM) foods and food additives, challenge food labelling laws which they think are barriers to trade, and undermine the EU's use of the 'precautionary principle' in setting food safety standards.