1 September 2011

The cheapest, cleanest and safest energy is that which a country doesn’t use. But, like any worthwhile venture, energy savings require upfront
financing and a supportive legislative framework. Here are ten bright ideas to deliver the energy savings we need.

1 February 2011


Today, energy savings is a purely voluntary policy that European countries have largely ignored. Friends of the Earth groups around Europe are calling for binding EU energy saving targets, and strong and social policies at the local and national level to ensure that every country contributes to saving energy.

1 November 2010

The report details the complexity of nanotechnology and demonstrates that current uses fail to deliver benefits for global warming, resource depletion and pollution, but instead increase energy use and create environmental risks. Nanotechnology will not significantly increase energy efficiency, or help tackle climate change in its current form.

1 December 2009

A summary of the study by Stockholm Environment Institute 'Europe's share of the climate challenge - Domestic actions and international obligations to protect the planet'. The research proves for the first time that 40% domestic emissions cuts by 2020 in Europe are technically possible and financially feasible, and estimates the EU's fair share of financial contributions to developing countries.


1 November 2009

The EU structural and cohesion funds have the potential to catalyse the transition to a low carbon economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Yet, as this latest analysis from CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe - published approaching the midpoint of the 2007-2013 programming period - reveals, this prospect still remains remote for now.

1 September 2009

The nuclear industry is trying to make a come back by claiming to be a solution for the world's rapidly increasing demand for energy over the last decades and the threat of a dramatic climate change. This report highlights the current PR-war being fought by the nuclear lobby to advertise the unproven and false statements claiming that: nuclear safety problems have been solved; solutions for a safe nuclear waste disposal exist; and proliferation could be kept under control

1 October 2006

Photo booklet of European citizens' demands to governments

1 October 2006

by Martin Rocholl PhD (Consultant / Friends of the Earth Europe), Stefan Giljum PhD, Arno Behrens (Sustainable Europe Research Institute) and Kai Schlegelmilch (Green Budget Germany)

1 March 2006

Proposals from Environmental Organisations for a realistic and ambitious Sustainable Development Strategy - to be adopted by the June 2006 European Summit.
A publication from the Green 10.