22 April 2016

Signatures alone are not enough to stop climate change, according to Friends of the Earth Europe, as representatives of over 160 countries attend a ceremony in New York to sign an international climate agreement, forged in Paris last December.

11 April 2016

Europe continues to be taken hostage by destructive fossil fuels and the companies who profit from them, according to Friends of the Earth groups protesting at an informal meeting of European energy ministers in Amsterdam today.

8 April 2016

Friends of the Earth France, along with a number of allies, ended a three-day blockade yesterday of an international summit on offshore oil and gas drilling, in Pau, France, with a mass 'die-in'.

Over 500 activists peacefully demonstrated against the negative impacts of offshore exploration and exploitation, under discussion at the MCE Deepwater Development summit by representatives from big oil and gas companies including Total, Shell, BP, Exxon, and Repsol.

11 March 2016

On the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, contaminated water continues to leak from the destroyed plant, and radioactive waste is accumulating without any robust solution, say Friends of the Earth Japan. Around 100,000 people remain displaced following the nuclear disaster, with almost a fifth still in temporary housing units. Many evacuees will be left with an uncertain future when assistance is suspended in 2017, and more than 100 children have had surgery for thyroid cancer.

2 March 2016

A European Commission recommendation today not to review pledged action on climate change until after 2030 has been slammed as criminally irresponsible by Friends of the Earth Europe.

In its assessment of the implications of the global climate agreement reached in Paris in December, the European Commission concludes that the bloc's existing emissions reductions targets are adequate.

12 December 2015

As politicians cop-out on genuine climate action at the international climate talks in Paris, over 2,000 activists from the Friends of the Earth International federation, joined by thousands more from Paris sent a global message for climate justice and peace, writ large across the city.

Thousands of individuals spelled out "Climate Justice Peace" across Paris using geolocation software, recorded online here: http://www.climatejusticepeace.org

12 December 2015

The COP21 climate talks have concluded in Paris with a weak final outcome according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

11 December 2015

Friends of the Earth Scotland have launched their biggest ever campaign. The Fossil Free Scotland campaign aims to end the use of fossil fuels in Scotland within a generation.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

9 December 2015

After politicians tabled a weak draft at the climate talks in Paris today, hundreds of protestors, including Friends of the Earth International activists, staged a loud protest inside the climate summit to expose the fact that politicians are failing to provide a fair and just climate deal in Paris.

At least 500 people staged a spontaneous sit-in at the talks. The loud protest was organised by Friends of the Earth International and civil society organisations, trade unions, and grassroots movements.

5 December 2015

The United Nations climate talks have made little progress on the most critical aspects of a deal to respond to the climate crisis, said Friends of the Earth Europe today at the mid-point of the summit in Paris. [1]

At the end of a frustrating first week, almost all options are still on the table. On the downside, the EU has not offered any increased financial support for countries on the frontline of climate impacts – a crucial element for fulfilling its historical responsibility, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.


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