4 July 2015

150 people gathered on a beach in Dublin to stick their heads in the sand, calling on the Irish government to not, metaphorically, do the same on climate change. The stunt, organised in the shadow of the chimneys of a disused power station by Friends of the Earth Ireland as part of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, was to highlight the government's lack of action on climate change.

29 June 2015

Today ministers from around the world gathered at the UN General Assembly to discuss climate change received an unprecedented statement by Friends of the Earth and social movements of climate-impacted communities from the global South as well as faith, labour, environmental, and anti-poverty groups representing tens of millions of people from around the world.

25 June 2015

Today the European Parliament approved the regulation establishing the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) at the heart of President Juncker's EUR 315 billion investment plan. But critics say that the regulation lacks clear provisions for oversight of the fund and guidance for investments in green, sustainable and resource-efficient projects that are part of the fund's mandate.

18 June 2015

Today, responding to the publication of Pope Francis' papal encyclical on the environment, Friends of the Earth International's Lucy Cadena said: "Pope Francis is right to say that there is a moral imperative to act on climate change with the utmost urgency and ambition. He is a friend of the earth and of the poorest and most vulnerable.

17 June 2015

On June 11, more than 1,100 people gathered in 21 cities across the Czech republic to protest the Czech government's decision to break its promises to limit coal mining in North Bohemia.

Citizens from aross the Czech Republic are mobilising to protest the government's plan to break its long-held promise not to expand coal mining in North Bohemia, with the futures of two small cities in the north of the country at stake.

Czech Republic
11 June 2015

As two weeks of UN climate talks come to a close in Bonn today, Friends of the Earth warned that not enough progress was made towards a fair and adequate climate treaty to be finalised in Paris later this year.

5 June 2015

The Norwegian Parliament voted today for its $900bn sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, to divest from coal companies.

"This is a major breakthrough in the fight against dirty fossil fuels" says Lars Haltbrekken, chairman of Friends of the Earth Norway.

Domestic campaigning and international pressure has helped secure a unanimous decision in the Norwegian Parliament today. The Norwegian fund will withdraw its investments from all companies that generate more than 30 percent of their revenue or output from coal-activities.

28 April 2015

Today, the European Parliament agreed new EU laws to limit the use of crop-based biofuels.

EU law makers ruled that biofuels can compete with food production, contribute to climate change, and put pressure on land use – and so have set a limit on the quantity of biofuels that can be used to meet EU energy targets (at no more than 7% of transport energy).[1]

19 March 2015

The 28 EU heads of state today backed a vision of Europe's energy future which will keep the continent dependent on fossil fuels.

European leaders' plans for an 'Energy Union' strategy were strongly criticised by Friends of the Earth Europe for the decision to emphasise new gas supplies, instead of prioritising energy efficiency and renewables to cut emissions and energy imports.

6 March 2015

The Finnish parliament today approved after voting a new climate bill that commits to 80% emissions reductions by 2050, in one of the most ambitious climate laws passed to date across Europe. 

The approval comes after long-term campaigning from Maan ystävät / Friends of the Earth Finland, who, through the Big Ask Finland campaign, has put pressure on the Finnish government to  "save them from climate catastrophe".



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