16 November 2009

Brussels/Copenhagen, Monday 16 November - The damaging impacts of corporate lobbying on international efforts to fight climate change are exposed today with the announcement of the eight candidates for the Angry Mermaid Award 2009.

The Angry Mermaid Award is named after the iconic Copenhagen mermaid who is angry about the destruction being caused by climate change.

9 November 2009

Plans by oil company Eni to develop tar sands and oil palm in the Congo Basin risk irreversible damage to biodiversity, local communities and our climate, and break the company's own guidelines, according to Congolese human rights organisations and their international partners. In a report published today, Energy Futures? Eni's Investments in tar sands and palm oil in the Congo Basin, the groups argue that given their potential for local harm and their huge carbon footprint, such investments should be considered too high risk for Eni or any other energy company [1].

6 November 2009

BARCELONA, SPAIN, 6 November 2009 - Rich countries are deliberately attempting to sidetrack UN climate negotiations towards a weak, ineffective politically binding agreement in Copenhagen – rather than fulfilling their legal obligations to agree ambitious new targets to slash their emissions – at the conclusion of the latest round of UN climate negotiations in Barcelona, warns Friends of the Earth International.

2 November 2009

Brussels/Copenhagen, 2 November - Business attempts to undermine a strong and just global agreement on climate change are being put under the spotlight in the countdown to United Nations negotiations in Copenhagen with a special award, jointly organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth International, Focus on the Global South, Attac and Spinwatch.

The Angry Mermaid Award - named after the iconic Copenhagen mermaid who is angry about the destruction being caused by climate change - will be decided by a public vote.

30 October 2009

Brussels, October 30 – The prospect of the world reaching a fair and just climate agreement is no closer today after European Union leaders showed total inadequacy to live up to their legal, moral and historical responsibilities for climate change.

29 October 2009

12,000 people converged on the beach in Ostend, Belgium, in a colourful dance-protest for the climate, 100 days before the crucial UN climate conference in Copenhagen.

‘The Big Ask again’ event, organised by Friends of the Earth and other members of the Belgian Climate Coalition, was directed by award winning filmmaker Nic Balthazar. The 12,000 people performed a choreographed Bollywood-style dance and called for a strong, just agreement at the climate talks.

Belgium (Flanders and Brussels)
21 October 2009

Brussels, October 21 – A just and fair international agreement on combating climate change is no nearer after europe's environment ministers today failed to show Europe is willing to live up to its historical responsibilities for causing the climate crisis.

20 October 2009

Brussels, October 20, 2009 – Developing nations are still waiting to hear how much Europe is prepared to contribute to the fight against climate change after Europe's finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg today failed to agree to put forward figures for the EU's contribution to funding for adaptation and mitigation in developing countries.

Finance ministers did not reach agreement and no conclusions were adopted. Discussions will now continue among environment ministers and heads of state.

19 October 2009

Brussels, October 19, 2009 – European politicians will this week make critical decisions about what role Europe is prepared to play in the fight against climate change and Friends of the Earth Europe is urging them to commit Europe to fulfil its historical responsibility for causing the climate crisis.

5 September 2009

4,000 people took part in the 'human flood' event in Helsinki to demand that Finland adopts a legally binding climate law with annual cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The flood also called for Finland to take a strong and just position to the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

The event, organised by Friends of the Earth Finland and a coalition of 23 environmental organisations, is the largest ever climate change event to take place in Finland.



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