14 March 2008

Brussels, 14 March 2008 - European leaders have missed another opportunity to take the tough action necessary to avert dangerous climate change, warned Friends of the Earth Europe today as the Spring Summit of the European Council closed in Brussels.

27 February 2008

Brussels, February 27 - A Europe-wide climate campaign launched today by Friends of the Earth Europe and the Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke aims to get governments and the European Union to commit to annual cuts in emissions to fight climate change.

The Big Ask brings together Friends of the Earth groups from 17 European countries [1] each of which is asking its government to introduce legally binding annual emission cuts. Together they are asking the European Union to force all member states to cut their emissions year-on-year.

25 February 2008

Brussels, 25 February - A new map with details of 50 environmentally damaging and economically dubious infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe was launched by CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels today [1]. Based on the most extensive investigation to date, the map entitled 'Cohesion or Collision?' shows controversial projects with a total cost of EUR 22 billion. The projects are either already financed, or planned to be financed, by EU structural and cohesion funds and/or the European Investment Bank (EIB) [2].

21 February 2008

Brussels, 21 February - Environmental groups BirdLife International, EEB, Friends of the Earth and Transport and Environment, welcome UK transport secretary Ruth Kelly's announcement that the UK will initiate a wide ranging review of biofuel production. The green groups expressed their hope that other member states will engage in this review and that it will lead to a re-think of the EU's 10 per cent biofuel target proposed under the Renewables Directive [1].

23 January 2008

Brussels, 23 January 2008 - As the European Commission today revealed its proposals for a new energy package [1] Friends of the Earth Europe warned that plans to cut the EU's greenhouse gas emissions by only 20 percent will not be sufficient to avert dangerous climate change. The environment group says the Commission has backtracked on its position at international climate negotiations just weeks ago and calls on the Parliament and the Council of Ministers to dramatically strengthen the target.

18 January 2008

Brussels, 18 January 2008 - A leaked internal European Commission document gives a damning verdict on the EU's proposals to set a mandatory 10 per cent target for the use of biofuels in transport. The report, obtained by Friends of the Earth Europe and BirdLife International, reveals that the EU's biofuels policy is likely to have a net cost of up to 65 billion euros, need huge amounts of land outside of Europe and questions whether it will make any greenhouse gas savings at all.

18 January 2008

Brussels, 18 January 2008 - Next week, the European Commission will propose a climate and energy package with draft laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental NGOs warn that parts of the package could be undermined by strong and unjustified behind-the-scenes pressure from European industry and industry-friendly European Commissioners.

14 January 2008

Brussels, 14 January, 2008 - Friends of the Earth Europe has called on the European Commission to introduce a moratorium on plans to expand agrofuel use as two Commissioners go public with their concerns over the impact production will have on both people and the environment.

10 January 2008

Brussels, 10 January 2008 - Swedish car manufacturer, Saab was today told to stop portraying its cars as environmentally friendly or face legal action for misleading advertising.

A summons [1], instigated by Friends of the Earth Europe and delivered by bailiff to Saab's Belgian office, calls on the company to remove all wording and imagery from its website and brochures which associate its cars with nature or the protection of the environment. It must also withdraw false claims that driving a Saab reduces CO2 emissions.

15 December 2007

Bali (Indonesia)/Brussels (Belgium), December 15 - The United Nations climate talks in Bali reached an agreement today, but Friends of the Earth Europe has expressed disappointment at the weak content, following many attempts to derail the talks by the United States, Japan and Canada.


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