6 April 2007

Brussels, April 6, 2007 - Friends of the Earth Europe has demanded steep emissions cuts by all rich countries and more funding for climate change adaptation in developing countries, after the world's leading scientific experts today warned that the world's poor - who have done least to pollute the atmosphere - will suffer most as the planet heats up.

9 March 2007

Brussels, March 9th - Friends of the Earth Europe has welcomed a tentative commitment by EU leaders to fighting climate change at the EU Spring Council today, but laments that the adopted steps are still too timid. Heads of States gave a modest boost to the uptake of renewable energies, but agreed that the EU should aim low on cutting greenhouse gases; and failed again to agree any concrete commitment towards reducing Europe's appalling waste of energy.

9 March 2007

March 9th, Brussels - As pivotal debate about Europe's future energy policy took place at the EU Spring Council today, Friends of the Earth constructed a 12m-high bright blue and yellow flag right outside the meeting, demanding that governments stop climate change, cut energy waste and choose renewables. The flag followed the design of the famous EU flag, but contained symbols for sustainable energy choices in the golden stars and was formed by hundreds of people from across Europe, dressed in blue on a giant frame. [1]

6 March 2007

Brussels, March 6th - Friends of the Earth Europe has demanded that governments focus on the impending threat of climate change when they settle Europe's energy future at the EU Spring Council at the end of this week. As EU leaders agree on the energy Action Plan on Friday, hundreds of activists from fifteen countries across Europe will form a Giant EU Energy Flag right outside the meeting, demanding that governments "Stop Climate Change. Cut energy waste. Choose renewables."

20 February 2007

February 20th, Brussels - The EU is heading for a double standard on cutting carbon dioxide emissions, warned Friends of the Earth Europe today after a meeting of Environment Ministers. Ministers reaffirmed the EU's commitment to build and expand on Kyoto to achieve absolute emission reductions by developed countries, going so far as to acknowledge that developed countries must reduce their emissions by 30% by 2020. But paradoxically, they suggested a unilateral target for the EU itself of only reducing emissions by 20% by 2020.

1 February 2007

1st February 2007, Brussels - In light of tomorrow's release of the latest, starkest findings on climate change, Friends of the Earth Europe has called for the EU to swap grand words with serious action to face up to the crisis. Next month, EU leaders must - at their annual Summit - set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing renewable energy use.

7 December 2006

Brussels, 7 December - EU goals to tackle climate change and curb transport growth are set to be undermined by the EU's own funding for the transport sector in the new member states, according to new research released today by CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE). Analysis of draft Operational Programmes for the use of Structural and Cohesion Funds shows that the new member states in central and eastern Europe plan to invest massively in roads and motorways at the expense of public transport. [1]

16 November 2006

Brussels, 16 November 2006 - The plans for spending future EU funds in the new member states give alarmingly insufficient financial support to energy efficiency and renewable energy, new research by Friends of the Earth Europe and CEE Bankwatch Network revealed today [1]. The member states' Operational Programmes, proposed for the 2007-2013 period, make a mockery of the EU's commitments to use regional aid to tackle climate change and promote sustainable energy.

30 October 2006

Brussels, October 30th - European governments must take immediate action against climate change to avoid economic recession, warns the Stern Review - an independent report presented to the UK government today.[1] Friends of the Earth Europe is calling for EU Member States to toughen market mechanisms such as the Emissions Trading Scheme, cut energy waste, introduce green taxes and invest in renewable energy. In parallel, the EU must push for ambitious emission reduction targets at the United Nations climate conference in Nairobi next week.

23 October 2006

Luxembourg/Brussels, 23 October - Friends of the Earth Europe pushed European citizens' concerns about climate change directly under the noses of EU Environment Ministers today, just before their Council meeting in Luxembourg. Today the Ministers will agree on the EU's position for the upcoming United Nations climate conference in Kenya next month. However, leaked documents reveal that the position will be weak and will lack a crucial long-term perspective in the fight against global warming.


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