14 February 2006

Brussels, 14 February 2006 - Governments in Europe are failing to live up to the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol, one year after this global treaty came into force to cut greenhouse gas emissions. [1]

Friends of the Earth charged that rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in Europe and globally are leading to more tragic disasters like the hurricanes that hit the United States last year. [2] Hurricane Katrina alone cost, beyond the loss of many lives, $125 billion.

18 October 2005

LUXEMBOURG/BRUSSELS, 18 OCTOBER 2005 -- As EU Environment Ministers agreed the EU's position towards the next UN climate negotiations taking place next month in Montreal, Canada, Friends of the Earth Europe warns that by yesterday's agreement the EU is endangering international leadership previously demonstrated by the EU on climate change.

5 September 2005

In the aftermath of the devastating hurricane Katrina Friends of the Earth Europe has called the catastrophe a wake-up call for world leaders to act upon the global threat of climate change by swiftly agreeing new steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions. According to Friends of the Earth Europe, any delay will mean more people suffering from more intense weather disasters as a result of global climate change, including in the United States, but also in Europe, as the 2005 floods, droughts and storms show.

21 June 2005

Brussels, 21 June 2005: Friends of the Earth Europe called on EU governments to drastically increase their efforts to combat global warming by reducing domestic greenhouse gas emissions, as shocking new data released today by the European Commission shows a dramatic increase in emissions. In 2003, EU-15 emissions were only 1.7% below 1990 levels, while Kyoto requires to achieve minus 8%. Almost half of the emission savings achieved until 2002 have been lost in 2003. [1]

1 June 2005

New research published today (Wednesday 1 June 2005) by Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and carried out by the UK Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, shows that unless the EU and the UK Government takes action to reduce the growth in aviation emissions the industry's emissions will wipe out all the savings that other sectors of the economy could make. 

14 February 2005

KYOTO (JAPAN) / BRUSSELS (BELGIUM), 14 February 2005 - Friends of the Earth International warned today that the
United Nations Kyoto agreement on climate change that will enter into force on 16 February is only a first modest step
towards more drastic greenhouse gas emission cuts needed to address climate change. [1]

23 April 2004

Brussels, 23 April 2004 : Three leading environmental groups are demanding the European Commission put forward a new target for boosting the share of renewable energy used in Europe to 25% by the year 2020.

The move follows the leaking of a draft Communication that reviews Europe's renewables policies, and which indicates that the Directorate General for Energy has so far refrained from proposing any new target.


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