23 June 2014

In the wake of major human rights abuses carried out by European companies and the national government in Guatemala, two human rights defenders from the west of the country visited Brussels to share their struggles and campaign for big businesses to prevent human rights abuses, or be held to account for their crimes.

19 June 2014

In a new frontier for shale gas, big energy companies such as Chevron, Shell and Total are 'heading south' to drill in Argentina, including in protected natural areas. This dash for unconventional fossil fuels is taking place at the expense of the interests of local communities, workers and the environment, finds new research by Friends of the Earth Europe released today.

4 June 2014

Leaders of the Group of seven (G7) countries must break their fossil fuel dependency, and invest in genuine solutions to energy security, like energy efficiency and community-owned renewables, demanded Friends of the Earth Europe today.

As international climate talks resume in Bonn today, two months after climate scientists warned of climate-change-related risks from extreme events, leaders of the G7 are meeting in Brussels to discuss topics including the Ukraine, climate and energy.

2 June 2014

Today in France, activists brought the polluting reality of French bank Société Générale's investments in coal to their doorstep - by dumping 1.8 tonnes of coal outside their headquarters in Bayonne.

29 May 2014

The first shipment of highly polluting Canadian tar sands oil to Europe is due to arrive in Spain today. Environment groups Friends of the Earth Europe, Transport & Environment and Greenpeace warn that this delivery provides a snapshot of Europe's energy future – a continued addiction to ever-dirtier oil

The 600,000 barrels of oil will arrive in Bilbao and have been purchased by Spain-based multinational Repsol [1]. It is the first major shipment of tar sands oil to the EU.

20 May 2014

There is not one drop of oil coming out of the Swiss mountains, but still Royal Dutch Shell has eight subsidiaries in Switzerland. Between 2001 and 2005 the Dutch-British oil multinational set up a range of subsidiaries in the country, although these entities are not involved in any productive activities, finds a new report released today. The Centre for Research on Multinational Companies (SOMO) and Friends of the Earth Europe report concludes that Shell uses Switzerland mainly for 'tax planning purposes'.

11 May 2014

Friends of the Earth Austria/GLOBAL2000 today forced Verbund – the country’s largest electricity provider – to confront its continued burning of coal.

Activists arrived early in the morning to scale the company’s coal powered plant in Mellarch in the south of Austria and hang a 100 m2 banner reading “Verbund – get out of coal”.

The unveiling of the banner by the Austrian activists was in response to claims by Verbund that it produces 100% of its electricity from hydropower, while it persists in its use of one of Austria’s last few coal-fired plants.

2 April 2014

The EU and US must not exploit the Ukraine crisis to fast-track further fossil fuel development on both sides of the Atlantic, according to Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth US. The call comes as the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the EU High Commissioner Catherine Ashton met today for an emergency EU-US energy council, just two days after the latest UN climate report warned of climate-change-related risks from extreme events, such as heat waves, extreme precipitation, and coastal flooding.

26 March 2014

As US President Obama makes his first visit to Brussels and the EU institutions today, Friends of the Earth is demanding that environmental and health protection is put top of the agenda on both continents.

Obama will meet European Commission President Barroso to discuss the ongoing EU-US trade negotiations, energy issues and climate concerns, amongst other things.

6 March 2014

A trade deal between the EU and the US risks opening the backdoor for the expansion of fracking in Europe and the US, reveals a new report released today [1]. As part of the deal currently being negotiated, energy companies could be allowed to take governments to private arbitrators if they attempt to regulate or ban fracking and the dangerous exploitation of unconventional fossil fuels. Campaigners are urging the EU not to include such rights in trade deals.


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