30 September 2013

As the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development today closes the public consultation period on its upcoming energy strategy, a coalition of the largest ten European environmental organisations, the Green 10, is calling on the bank to phase out fossil fuels from its future lending, beginning with coal, and to rule out lending to risky energy sources, such as nuclear and shale gas.

5 August 2013

Friends of the Earth groups from around the world are today calling on Shell to clean up its mess in the oil-rich and heavily polluted Niger Delta in Nigeria. The launch of an international petition targeting Shell comes exactly two years after a United Nations report exposed oil-giant Shell's systematic contamination of Ogoniland in Nigeria.

17 June 2013

Friends of the Earth Europe's new film, documenting the efforts of local communities in Madagascar to protect their island home from tar sands development, was premiered in Europe last week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

15 June 2013

Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland took part in a mass rally on Saturday ahead of the G8 summit this week to draw attention to the threat that fracking poses to local communities.

The environmental campaigners took part in a mass march in Belfast City Centre with trade unions, anti-poverty groups and other civil society organisations under the banner 'Another World is Possible.'

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
7 June 2013

Activists from Friends of the Earth Europe posed as an imaginary energy company, Drill4All, and set up a fake drilling rig outside the European Commission today, to pretend shale gas was extracted in the centre of Brussels and highlight the possible negative environmental and local impacts of Europe's dash for unconventional gas.

22 May 2013

European leaders met today in Brussels to discuss energy policy. Their official conclusions show that concerns about high costs are delaying the transition to a clean and sustainable energy system.

This is faulty thinking, according to environment group Friends of the Earth Europe, which believes much more urgent changes to Europe's energy system are needed to prevent dangerous climate change.

17 May 2013

Along with Food and Water Europe, we took a closer look at the US shale gas boom, and revealed an economic system based on shaky foundations, that side-lines health and the environment, and is reliant on unsustainably low prices driven by speculation and industry overestimates.

16 May 2013

Negotiations to agree on how part of the EU budget for 2014-20 will be spent are set to conclude this month. Friends of the Earth Europe, alongside BirdLife Europe, CEE Bankwatch Network and WWF is warning against using part of the EU budget for oil, coal and gas subsidies – undermining Europe's efforts to bolster environmental protection and deliver more sustainable economic gains.

15 May 2013

Canada's attempts to bully Europe into accepting oil from its highly polluting tar sands continued today when Canadian Minister of Environment Peter Kent made a speech in Brussels. 

Anti-tar sands campaigners from Friends of the Earth Europe and the UK Tar Sands Network were present outside the event. Dressed as chefs, they brought the message 'Don't cook the planet' and distributed materials about the harm caused by tar sands and Canada's record on climate change.

14 May 2013

Two leading climate scientists, Professors James Hansen and Mark Jaccard, explained the urgency of the climate crisis and called for strong action by the European Union, at an event in the European Parliament today.

The two are in Europe to reinforce the importance of accurate labelling of the most carbon intensive fuels under EU legislation, known as the Fuel Quality Directive.

The debate was hosted by GLOBE EU . European Commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard also spoke at the event


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