14 November 2012

Friends of the Earth Europe, along with several allies, wrote today to the Chief Executive and President of German power company RWE, to declare their solidarity with activists occupying Hambach Forest in Westphalia and to urge him not to further expand RWE’s mining activities in that area. The letter was delivered personally, interrupting a dinner event being held for coal industry executives as part of European Coal Day.

13 November 2012

The European Union must not pass up on the historic chance to enshrine transparency rules for oil, gas, mining and logging companies in European law, warned Friends of the Earth Europe today, together with the Publish What You Pay coalition.

11 October 2012

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, OCTOBER 11, 2012 - For the first time in history, a Dutch court verdict is expected about the case of a European company, Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell, which appeared in court today to account for damage it caused abroad. [1]

Lawyers for both parties pleaded at a key hearing in The Hague today and the court announced that the verdict is expected on 30 January 2013.

3 October 2012

Campaigners from Friends of the Earth Flanders and Brussels greeted delegates attending the European Gas Policy Forum with a simple message: fossil fuels like shale gas are unconventional, and unwanted in Europe.

Belgium (Flanders and Brussels)
20 September 2012

Europe risks side-lining its vision for a more sustainable, low-carbon energy future, according to a new report from Friends of the Earth Europe, unless it permanently closes its doors to unconventional and unwanted fossil fuels like shale gas.

18 September 2012

European politicians today acknowledged some of the unambiguous risks of shale gas extraction in Europe, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. However, despite mounting evidence of the negative local, regional and global impacts of fracking on the environment and human health and gaps in regulation, today's vote in the European Parliament's committee working on Industry, Research and Energy shows the continued promotion of shale gas development in Europe.

25 June 2012

Ahead of discussions this week about how the next one trillion euros EU budget will be spent, EU ministers are being urged to get rid of provisions that would allow public money to subsidise the fossil fuels industry.

The open letter [1] endorsed by more than 20 leading environment groups comes in response to the draft negotiating text for Tuesday's General Affairs Council. At this meeting EU Members States will make decisions on the investment priorities under the next 2014-2020 Cohesion Policy funds [2], building on a proposal prepared by the European Commission last year [3].

22 June 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 22 - Commenting on the Rio+20 Summit closing day, Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth International said: "World leaders failed at their summit in Rio, mainly because of the undue influence that multinational corporations have on them and the UN.

"But the parallel People's Summit demonstrated that real solutions to the current crises do exist and that people are successfully mobilizing around them.

22 May 2012

Chief Executive of Shell, Peter Voser, was presented with 70,000 signatures protesting against the oil giant's practices in the Niger Delta, at its annual general meeting today.

The signatures collected by Friends of the Earth, SumofUs and Amnesty International sent a clear message that Shell must take responsibility and start cleaning up its mess in the highly- polluted area of Nigeria.

21 May 2012

Shale gas, shale oil and coal bed methane have arrived in Europe under the banner of energy security, and more worryingly, environmental protection. However, the reality is that shale gas and the process of hydraulic fracturing (or ‘fracking’) represent a dangerous experiment on both the health of European citizens and the environment, while the economic viability is debateable.


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