28 February 2013

A new documentary released today highlights the local resistance to shale gas exploration in Poland. The film, produced by The Ecologist Film Unit with help from Friends of the Earth Europe and Food and Water Watch Europe, tells the story of farmers and residents in the region surrounding Gdansk who are worried about the dangers of shale gas extraction in their area.

30 January 2013

Brussels/The Hague, January 30, 2013 - A Dutch court has ruled today that Shell is responsible for not preventing the pollution of farmlands at Ikot Ada Udo, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. The case brought by Friends of the Earth Netherlands and four Nigerian farmers is an important victory for Nigerian people and the environment.

This is the first time that Shell has been ordered by a court to pay compensation for damage caused by its operations. The Nigerian justice system has never been able to accomplish this.

25 January 2013

Canadian government ministers have been actively lobbying the governments of 11 EU member states, European Parliament and Commission to weaken one of the EU’s headline pieces of climate legislation, the Fuel Quality Directive.

20 December 2012

A poll commissioned by Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland has found that more than 20 million Britons (43%) are hoping to unwrap electronic gadgets like iPads, Kindles and smartphones this Christmas. The new YouGov poll also reveals that more than 13 million adults (28%) have bought, or plan to buy, a gadget as a Christmas present for someone else.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
29 November 2012

Friends of the Earth Scotland protested today at Cairn Energy’s Wild West intentions to extend oil exploration and extraction in the Arctic. Due to unprecedented ice-cap loss due to global warming, new areas of the Arctic are now being seen as viable sites to drill for oil that was previously unattainable.

21 November 2012

In a vote on two parliamentary reports on shale gas, despite widespread recognition of the dangers of ‘fracking’, a split European Parliament did not impose a de facto moratorium, or ensure the highest possible environmental and health standards for an undeniably dangerous technology [1].

14 November 2012

Friends of the Earth Europe, along with several allies, wrote today to the Chief Executive and President of German power company RWE, to declare their solidarity with activists occupying Hambach Forest in Westphalia and to urge him not to further expand RWE’s mining activities in that area. The letter was delivered personally, interrupting a dinner event being held for coal industry executives as part of European Coal Day.

13 November 2012

The European Union must not pass up on the historic chance to enshrine transparency rules for oil, gas, mining and logging companies in European law, warned Friends of the Earth Europe today, together with the Publish What You Pay coalition.

11 October 2012

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, OCTOBER 11, 2012 - For the first time in history, a Dutch court verdict is expected about the case of a European company, Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell, which appeared in court today to account for damage it caused abroad. [1]

Lawyers for both parties pleaded at a key hearing in The Hague today and the court announced that the verdict is expected on 30 January 2013.

3 October 2012

Campaigners from Friends of the Earth Flanders and Brussels greeted delegates attending the European Gas Policy Forum with a simple message: fossil fuels like shale gas are unconventional, and unwanted in Europe.

Belgium (Flanders and Brussels)


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