6 November 2015

US President Obama today denied Canadian oil company TransCanada permission to construct the Keystone XL pipeline.

The controversial pipeline would have bisected the United States carrying the world's dirtiest oil from Canada's tar sands.

The president cited the pipeline's projected contribution to climate change in deeming it not in the national interest. The decision comes just weeks ahead of global climate talks in Paris.

4 November 2015

Citizens in the Czech Republic have been spared the worst of plans for new coal this week, although the Czech government went back on its word to block the outright expansion of two mines in the north of the country.

Czech Republic
15 October 2015

French energy giant Engie this week announced it will stop investing in coal in a victory for Les Amis de la Terre/Friends of the Earth France and its campaign against Engie's dirty energy investments.

The victory comes days after last saw community activists around Europe and the world target dirty, undemocratic energy system with coordinated action as part of 'Reclaim Power'.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland, France
8 October 2015

EU guidelines on how member states carry out shale gas exploration and production are failing to protect the environment and the health of citizens, a new report has found. 

4 August 2015

On the occasion of the fourth year commemoration of the release of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Assessment of Ogoniland, Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth Nigeria and other groups have called on the administration of General Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the myriad environmental challenges besetting the Niger Delta.

28 July 2015

The S.O.S. Adriatic coalition – which includes Zelena Akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia – today welcomed the decision of Marathon Oil and OMV to withdraw from the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in the Adriatic.

The Croatian government announced plans to open up the Adriatic to oil drilling earlier in the year, with initial plans to sign contracts with five oil companies. Marathon Oil and OMV together held the largest number of Adriatic drilling concessions.

10 July 2015

Bad news for would-be frackers this month, as people power trumped dirty energy projects in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch government put shale gas on the back burner for another five years as it extended a national moratorium on shale gas exploration and extraction.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Germany, Netherlands
17 June 2015

On June 11, more than 1,100 people gathered in 21 cities across the Czech republic to protest the Czech government's decision to break its promises to limit coal mining in North Bohemia.

Citizens from aross the Czech Republic are mobilising to protest the government's plan to break its long-held promise not to expand coal mining in North Bohemia, with the futures of two small cities in the north of the country at stake.

Czech Republic
5 June 2015

The Norwegian Parliament voted today for its $900bn sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, to divest from coal companies.

"This is a major breakthrough in the fight against dirty fossil fuels" says Lars Haltbrekken, chairman of Friends of the Earth Norway.

Domestic campaigning and international pressure has helped secure a unanimous decision in the Norwegian Parliament today. The Norwegian fund will withdraw its investments from all companies that generate more than 30 percent of their revenue or output from coal-activities.

17 April 2015

The Norwegian government today gave the green light to one of the biggest single instances of pollution in the country's history. A new mine will dump its toxic tailings directly into the Førde fjord in the west of Norway.

"It is shocking that Norway is the only country in the world allow new projects of this kind", said Lars Haltbrekken of Friends of the Earth Norway.



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