25 February 2015

The Keystone XL pipeline has become a hot political topic in the United States, but it's also important for Europe and the rest of the world, writes Friends of the Earth Europe's extractives campaigner, Colin Roche.

In the United States a relatively obscure oil pipeline is at the centre of a heated political debate and the first battle between President Barack Obama and the new Republican-controlled Congress. But it's not just a fight to be fought in Washington. The outcome matters in Europe and the rest of the world too.

31 January 2015

Good news from Scotland, as Energy Minister Fergus Ewing this week announced a moratorium on the fracking industry while a full health impact assessment and public consultation is carried out. The decision came after a sustained campaign by a number of anti-fracking groups across the country, including Friends of the Earth Scotland.

17 December 2014

Today, the European Commission’s proposals for the implementation of crucial EU climate legislation for reducing emissions from transport fuels passed in the European Parliament, despite a rejection by the majority of MEPs who voted.

5 December 2014

The United Nations climate talks happening in Lima, Peru are already at the mid-way point. It is the fifth day of this year’s global conference which aims to bring the world closer to a fair, adequate solution to the climate crisis.

3 December 2014

Today members of the European Parliament’s environment committee rejected a weak proposal for the implementation of crucial EU climate legislation for reducing emissions from transport fuels.

The committee voted to reject the proposal for the implementation of the Fuel Quality Directive.

18 November 2014

Time may be running out to prevent toxic mining waste from being dumped directly into vulnerable Norwegian fjords – despite warnings from scientists, local inhabitants and the sea-food and tourism industries, warns Naturvernforbundet/Friends of the Earth Norway.

The ministry of Climate and Environment will submit its official recommendations on the project by Friday November 21 – a crucial step in deciding whether the project gets the go-ahead.

27 October 2014

This weekend, Friends of the Earth campaigners from across Europe visited one of the front-lines in the struggle against drilling for unconventional oil and gas in the south-east of England. There is a growing movement in the UK to oppose fracking – in the courts, in the fields and on the roads, and by creating community-owned renewable energy projects. Friends of the Earth is linking this movement with struggles to oppose fracking in other parts of the country and across the world.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland
7 October 2014

Friends of the Earth Europe has criticised a proposal announced today to regulate fuel imports to Europe because it does nothing to penalise the most polluting fuels.

The European Commission today published plans to implement the 'Fuel Quality Directive' – a crucial piece of European climate legislation agreed five years ago which aims to reduce emissions from transport fuels. It sets a target to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of transport fuels by 6% by 2020.

7 October 2014

This morning, Members of the European Parliament and environmental groups played the board game 'Fracking RISK' to highlight how shale gas fails to offer a real solution to climate change or to the EU's growing dependency on imported natural gas. In the lead up to the 'Global Frackdown', an international day of action against shale gas on 11 October, Food & Water Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe were warning against the environmental and social harm that fracking for shale gas brings.


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