20 November 2008

Friends of the Earth International released a new documentary today, focusing on two of the key components of Friends of the Earth Europe's economic justice campaign: corporate accountability and the extractive industries. Poison Fire follows a team of local activists as they gather "video testimonies" from communities on the impact of oils spills and gas flaring. The film shows creeks full of crude oil, devastated mangrove forests, wellheads that has been leaking gas and oil for months.

8 October 2008

Brussels, 8 October 2008 - Financial backers behind the Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan have been called upon today to take action to resolve the environmental and health problems caused by offshore exploration at the 13 billion barrel project, located 20km off the northern Caspian Sea coast.

7 October 2008

PENANG (MALAYSIA) / BRUSSELS (BELGIUM), 7 October 2008 - Malaysian palm oil exported for use in food, biofuels and cosmetics is far from 'green' - contrary to claims by Malaysian palm oil producers - shows the new report "Malaysian Palm Oil: Green Gold or Green Wash?" released today by Friends of the Earth groups. [1]

The 60-page long report examines the case of the vast Malaysian state of Sarawak, which is developing large-scale plantations at breath-taking speed having overexploited its timber resources and depleted its forests.

10 September 2008

Brussels (Belgium) / Porto Alegre (Brazil) / Montevideo (Uruguay), 10 September 2008 - The rapid development of agrofuels in Latin America looks set to increase big business profits but it is not benefiting local people, according to a new report released today September 10 by Friends of the Earth International. [1] The report is published one day before key MEPs vote on the future demand for agrofuels in Europe.

4 July 2008

Brussels, 4 July 2008 - A claim by the Austrian oil and gas company OMV that it is "securing Europe's future energy supply..." in an advert published in the European Voice newspaper has been ruled misleading by the Belgian advertising standards authority.

The Jury d'Ethique Publicitaire (JEP) has instructed OMV to correct the advertisement entitled: "Who is investing in sustainable oil and gas projects?". The verdict follows a complaint filed by Friends of the Earth Europe and Global 2000 (Friends of the Earth Austria) and an appeal.[1]

17 June 2008

Brussels, 17 June 2008 - An advert for the Toyota Prius in the European Voice newspaper which breached the European car labelling directive, has today been ruled misleading by the Belgian advertising standards authority.

29 May 2008

Brussels, 29 May 2008 - Victims of human rights and environmental abuses by European companies around the world could find justice in European courts under proposals unveiled today at an international conference at the European Parliament. [1]

29 April 2008

Brussels, 29 April 2008 - Oil companies have the potential to achieve more than 10 per cent cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 without using agrofuels, reveals a report launched today by Friends of the Earth Europe. [1]

22 April 2008

Buenos Aires (Argentina) / Brussels (Belgium), April 22, 2008 - Attempts to use certification schemes to reduce the widespread environmental and social problems caused by growing crops for fuels and animal feeds are bound to fail, states a new report released today by Friends of the Earth groups. [1]

The report is released on the eve of a controversial April 23-24 meeting in Buenos Aires set to discuss the certification of growing soy, a crop expanding rapidly to meet the increasing demand for fuel and the world's most-used animal feed.

21 February 2008

Brussels, 21 February - At today's opening of the 6th European Business Summit in Brussels, environment campaigners accused companies involved in the event, titled 'Greening the economy', of being anything but green themselves. With an action and exhibition [1], Friends of the Earth Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute exposed the greenwashing practices of the businesses taking part.


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