11 February 2008

Brussels, 11 February, 2008 - Palm oil production for food and agrofuels is resulting in widespread human rights abuses in Indonesia according to a report released today by a coalition of international environmental groups [1]. Losing Ground exposes the huge social problems being fuelled by EU targets to increase the use of agrofuels (often called biofuels) in transport. The report follows new research released last week which revealed that converting peatlands for palm oil in Indonesia releases 423 times more carbon than the annual savings from replacing fossil fuels. [2]

9 January 2008

BRUSSELS (Belgium) / LONDON (UK), 9 January 2008 - Friends of the Earth Europe has welcomed a ruling today by the UK advertising watchdog that describing palm oil as "sustainably produced" is false advertising.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling followed a Friends of the Earth Europe complaint against an advert by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council. [1]

31 December 2007

January 31st 2007, Brussels, Amsterdam, London - A new report, launched the day before oil giant Shell announces its 2006 annual profits (1 February 2007) calls on Shell to use its profits to begin cleaning up damage it has caused to communities and the environment [1]. The report offers proposals and figures for where and how Shell should repair some of the damage it has caused in nine communities around the world.

15 October 2007

Brussels, 15 October - Public voting for the "Worst EU Lobbying" Awards 2007 opened online today at www.worstlobby.eu Organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe, LobbyControl and Spinwatch, the annual award for deceptive, manipulative and unethical lobbying this year includes a new special "Worst Greenwash" category for the company whose advertising is most at odds with the real environmental impacts of its business activities.

9 October 2007

Brussels/Amsterdam, 9 October 2007 - Green campaigners warned today that proposals for certifying palm oil as sustainable are flawed. As the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) presented proposals to label sustainable palm oil, Friends of the Earth groups staged an installation of screaming tree stumps outside the meeting in Brussels, representing the current environmental violations caused by producing palm oil.

26 September 2007

Brussels, September 26th - Friends of the Earth Europe today released The Exxon Files - an animation spoof exposing how oil giant ExxonMobil is working to prevent action on climate change. The cartoon's website, www.exxon-files.eu, asks people to add their support to a formal complaint about the company's misleading advertising.

11 September 2007

Brussels, 11 September 2007 - Today Friends of the Earth Europe called for the EU to scrap its target for using plant-based agrofuels for transport, after a leaked paper revealed the OECD's [1] grave concerns about their social and environmental effects.

3 July 2007

Jakarta (Indonesia) / Amsterdam (The Netherlands) / Brussels (Belgium), 3 July 2007 - Wilmar, the world's biggest trader in palm oil, is illegally logging rainforests, setting forests on fire and violating the rights of local communities in Indonesia according to a new report published today by Friends of the Earth Netherlands.

21 June 2007

BRUSSELS, 21 June 2007 (EMBARGOED) - Today, Fortis Bank responded to Friends of the Earth International regarding the bank's financing of the companies which caused a catastrophic mud volcano in Indonesia through gas exploration. [1]

5 June 2007

Brussels 5th June - In Brussels today and in over 20 cities across Europe, protests by environmental groups intensified pressure on BNP Paribas to withdraw its funding of the controversial Belene Buglarian nuclear power plant.


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