30 September 2015

The European's Commission's proposal to increase the use of non-traditional banking systems across Europe - known as the Capital Market Union (CMU) initiative – poses major risks to people and the environment, a coalition of European civil society groups has stated today.

13 July 2015

Last week, the UN for the first time formally discussed measures to make corporations legally accountable for human rights abuses. A historic session in Geneva concluded on July 10th after a week of intense and constructive discussions between countries, expert panelists and civil society organisations, with hopes high that the process could deliver a treaty that could finally bring justice and protection to millions.

8 July 2015

A new report on palm oil land grabs in Nigeria by Asia's leading agribusiness group exposes the need for a binding treaty to regulate corporate human rights abuses globally, says Friends of the Earth International.

19 February 2015

Farmers in Uganda evicted by oil palm plantations are today presenting a lawsuit against a joint venture co-owned by the oil palm giant Wilmar International [1]. They are claiming restitution for their grabbed land and fair compensation for damages, three years after their land was taken for plantation development.

Friends of the Earth International is backing the communities' land grab case, filed after three years of dialogue with the government and the company which has failed to bring them justice.

29 January 2015

In January, Anne van Schaik, accountable finance campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe visited Uganda to talk with local communities and leaders on the effect of a palm oil plantation project in two islands in Lake Victoria and plan the next steps in a Friends of the Earth campaign against the financiers of landgrabbing.

16 December 2014

Indonesian palm oil company Bumitama announced in September 2014 that it has terminated its contract with an illegal palm oil plantation in Borneo, from which it is no longer purchasing palm oil.

7 December 2014

Delegates from Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean were in Geneva this week representing Friends of the Earth International at the UN Forum on Businesses and Human rights. Not our natural habitat, since we do not lobby the UN in Geneva on a daily basis.

21 November 2014

After the launch of the public vote on October 9th, Les Amis de la Terre/Friends of the Earth France, in partnership with Peuples Solidaires–ActionAid France and CRID (Research and Information Centre for Development), put an end to the suspense at the Pinocchio Awards prize-giving ceremony this evening in Paris and announced 2014's big winners: Shell, GDF Suez and Samsung.

17 November 2014

In the Kalangala islands on Lake Victoria, Uganda, communities are being forced off their lands by a powerful alliance of corporations, international organisations and government power, all set on using the land for destructive oil palm production. Many of the citizens who comprise these communities have lost their livelihoods, and feel powerless to challenge the land-grabs.

23 October 2014

Fed up with corporate greenwash? Tired of polluting industries getting away with trashing the planet through good PR? Time to vote in the 2014 Pinnocho Awards – Les Amis de la Terre/Friends of the Earth France's annual rundown of who rules the roost at environmental double-speak.



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