8 March 2012

Friends of the Earth Europe today endorses a new report released by partners in the tar sands campaign, Climate Action Network (CAN) Canada, which highlights Canada's dirty oil diplomacy. The report documents how the Canadian government's global push to sell the tar sands is little more than an extension of industry lobbying, and has left Canada's environmental credibility in tatters and its peoples at odds with their governors.

9 February 2012

Friends of the Earth Europe and Client Earth, with the support of 19 other civil society organisations including CAN Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory, ECAS, FERN, Greenpeace, Spinwatch, Statewatch and T&E, today sent a petition to the European Parliament asking that they ensure the European Commission complies with its legal obligations to provide systematically better access to documents. Access to documents is not only enshrined in law, it is a prerequisite for lobby transparency and full democratic participation.

2 February 2012

Friends of the Earth Europe made a formal complaint to the European Ombudsman today over the European Commission's apparent maladministration, following repeated failure by the Commission to properly deal with complaints concerning Shell and BP entries in the Commission's old lobby transparency register.

1 December 2011

The 'cash for influence' scandal in May, when several MEPs were caught red-handed accepting money for tabling amendments, revealed a blatant lack of ethics regulations.

Since then, Friends of the Earth Europe and ALTER-EU partners have successfully campaigned to set-up a proper code of conduct, to prevent scandals like this from happening again.

1 December 2011

Brussels, December 1, 2011 – A vote in the European Parliament today to introduce a new code of conduct for MEPs has been welcomed by The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU (ALTER-EU).

22 November 2011

Brussels, 22 November 2011 – The EU's emissions trading system has fundamental flaws and is failing to deliver the carbon cuts needed, campaigners told a debate in Brussels today ahead of the start of UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa.

Member of the European Parliament, Bas Eickhout (Green), warned the debate that industry lobbying was damaging the EU's position on climate change. He accused BusinessEurope of failing to represent the views of its members who are calling for tougher targets.

17 November 2011

Brussels, November 17 - Transparency campaigners have welcomed today's vote of the European Parliament constitutional affairs committee (AFCO) on the proposed Code of Conduct for MEPs [1], but warned that an important loophole on the definition of gifts risks undermining the core of the proposals.

Seven months after the "cash for influence" scandal in which several MEPs were caught red-handed after accepting lucrative second jobs for tabling amendments [2], a draft ethics code for the institution is currently being decided.

27 October 2011

Brussels, October 27 - The Plenary of the European Parliament yesterday voted overwhelmingly in favour of freezing part of the budget for the European Commission's expert groups until new rules are introduced to provide safeguards against their capture by special interests and to improve transparency [1].

ALTER-EU has welcomed this initiative by the Parliament to put pressure on the European Commission to prevent the corporate capture of EU policy preparation.

1 October 2011

European biofuels policies contribute to food insecurity and land grabs. Moreover, the true impacts of expanding biofuels production on deforestation and the climate are ignored in the EU policy. Vested corporate interests want to keep it that way. This press briefing explains the problems, myths and solutions.

5 August 2011

Brussels, 5 August 2011 - The government of Canada is engaging in an unprecedented lobby effort to open up the European market to oil from its devastating tar sands, an investigation by Friends of the Earth Europe reveals. [1]

A detailed 'diary' compiled by Friends of the Earth shows the extent of Canadian efforts to block EU plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.


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