1 December 2009

The majority of car advertisements are not complying with the EU Directive for fuel consumption and CO2 labeling. By analysing several case studies in 6 countries, the study gives recommendations to improve current directive implementation and future revisions.

1 November 2009

The vast majority of financial ‘experts’ advising the European Commission represent the banks and investors responsible for the global economic crisis, according to this report published by the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER EU).

1 December 2008

This report fouses on the expert groups known as high level groups which advise the European Commission on controverial issues like climate change, chemcials and food. It finds that groups are unbalanced and undemocratic, and geared towards improving the competitiveness of European business at the expense of h is other public interests.

1 October 2007

This report examines the biotech industry's corporate lobby power and its access to one of the key EU institutions, the European Commission. It focuses on one of the key biotech lobby groups - EuropaBio - and recent examples of the cosy relationship between the companies who stand to make considerable profits from agricultural biotechnology, and policy makers at the European Commission.

1 May 2006

Do EU consultation practices and codes of conduct for decision makers and lobbyists contribute to transparency and ethical decision making?
An analysis.