20 June 2011

Brussels/Paris, June 20, 2011 – European airlines fuelling aeroplanes with biofuels is greenwashing, and flies in the face of recommendations from major international institutions, Friends of the Earth Europe said today on the opening day of the Paris air show, Le Bourget.

26 May 2011

Brussels, May 26, 2011 – The European Commission was sued today, accused of violating European transparency laws. Environmental law organisation ClientEarth, Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), FERN and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) filed the lawsuit following the Commission's refusal to provide access to information in decisions relating to the sustainability of Europe's biofuels policy. [1]

3 May 2011

Brussels, May 3, 2011 – Friends of the Earth Europe welcomes today's European Commission plan [1] for the future of biodiversity in Europe, but warns measurable targets are urgently needed in the areas of agriculture and forestry if the strategy is to succeed. The document outlines how the 27 member states of the EU will implement the new global strategic plan for the Conven­tion on Biological Diversity (CBD), agreed in October last year alongside 193 nations.

17 March 2011

Brussels, March 17 - Friends of the Earth Europe is calling on European agriculture ministers to leave their entrenched positions and radically shake-up European agriculture – to make it greener, protect family farming and to reduce its impacts in southern countries. Ministers meet today to agree their first official response to proposals to reform the Common Agricultural Policy.

24 February 2011

Pro Natura/FoE Switzerland, together with a large coalition of environment, development, and progressive farmers organisations, today submitted a petition against the development of agrofuels in Switzerland. The petition, signed by 62,000 people, was submitted to the Swiss government in Berne.

The petition urges the government to establish strict criteria for authorising the production and the import of agrofuels, which should clearly address the effects of indirect land use change and recognise food sovereignty rights.

26 January 2011

Brussels, January 26 – The European Parliament's Agriculture Committee voted today on a report calling for European farmers to be given more support to grow their own feed crops and to reduce their dependency on imported animal feed.

Currently European livestock farming is dependent on imported soy as an animal feed, whose production is a major cause of deforestation and social conflict in South America.

25 January 2011

Brussels, January 25, 2011 – Growing demand for meat, animal feeds and agrofuels in Europe is contributing to the continued destruction of the Amazon and Cerrado habitats in Brazil, reveals a new report launched today by Friends of the Earth Europe.

The research comes at a time when Europe is debating the future of farming. [1] Friends of the Earth Europe is calling for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy to reduce the EU's dependence on imported soy animal feeds and meat.

21 January 2011

Brussels/Abuja, January 21, 2011 – The much-touted biofuel crop jatropha isneither a profitable nor a sustainable investment, according to a new report released by Friends of the Earth Europe today. 'Jatropha: money doesn't grow on trees' warns investors away from jatropha – a shrub being increasingly planted for its oil-producing fruits and ability to survive in arid conditions – stating growing evidence that the crop is failing to deliver on its promises while simultaneously failing to prevent climate change or contribute to pro-poor development. [1]

29 November 2010

Brussels - Proposals from the European Commission to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2013 show signs of fairer distribution of subsidies, according to the coalition. [1]

Despite this positive development the communication came short on proposals for stopping the collapse of family farming in Europe and dumping in developing countries, according to the coalition. The plans outlined also fail to address correctly climate change and the protection of biodiversity.

18 November 2010

Brussels - Proposals for the future of farming in Europe were revealed in Brussels today where Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos announced plans to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Mute Schimpf, food campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said: “Today’s announcement is a long awaited step towards a more people and planet-friendly food and agricultural policy for Europe. The plans announced to reward farmers who are socially and environmentally responsible can give the CAP a new social legitimacy.


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