8 July 2010

Brussels, July 8 – New proposals due to be introduced in the coming days that are supposed to allow European countries more autonomy over the decision to ban genetically modified (GM) crops form an empty and potentially dangerous deal for member states, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

29 June 2010

Development and environmental groups today warned that EU biofuels targets are leading to uncontrollable land grabbing from poor communities in Africa, pushing more people into hunger [1]. On the day before EU Member States submit their renewable energy plans to the EU, ActionAid and Friends of the Earth Europe called on European leaders to halt the expansion of biofuels.

10 June 2010

Brussels, June 10, 2010 - Commenting on the European Commission's Communication on new sustainability criteria for biofuels, Adrian Bebb, food and agriculture campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe said:

8 June 2010

BRUSSELS, 8 June 2010 - A proposed new label for 'responsible' soy will not stop deforestation, 235 civil society groups from across the globe warned in a letter today, ahead of a conference set to finalise the labeling scheme in Sao Paulo, Brazil. [1]

26 March 2010

Brussels, 26 March – New research released by the European Commission confirms that Europe's demand for biofuels is likely to contribute to climate change and harm the environment. [1]

Adrian Bebb, agrofuels campaign coordinator for Friends of the Earth Europe said: "The EU's biofuel policy is looking more and more unsustainable and if not urgently reviewed will lead to deforestation, more climate changing emissions and damage to the environment. It is time to end this madness and bring in real solutions to the climate crisis."

16 March 2010

Brussels, March 16 – On the eve of a European Parliament hearing which will debate the future of Europe's agriculture policy a broad alliance of European, national and local civil society organisations concerned with the future of food and agriculture in Europe, are today launching a 'European food declaration' to mobilise European citizens and authorities to reshape the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). [1]

15 March 2010

Amsterdam/Brussels, 15 March – One of the leading suppliers of "green" palm oil to Europe is causing illegal encroachment upon Indonesian forest and peat land, according to a report published today by Friends of the Earth Europe.

3 February 2010

Brussels, February 3 – A leaked document from the European Commission reveals plans to allow the controversial use of palm oil as a biofuel by redefining palm plantations as 'forests'. The expansion of palm plantations is a major cause of tropical rainforest destruction.

The draft Commission guidance for EU countries also states that cutting down a rainforest and planting a palm plantation would be possible under EU laws aimed at stopping 'unsustainable' biofuels. [1]

17 November 2009

Brussels, November 17 - A new report out today has dispelled the biotech industry's claim that genetically modified (GM) crops need fewer pesticides. The seminal report by Dr. Charles Benbrook [1], presents hard data proving once and for all that chemical use has increased dramatically since the introduction of genetic engineering, raising concern over any introduction of new GM crops in Europe.

16 October 2009

Brussels, October 16 - A new film launched on World Food Day reveals a hidden chain of destruction stretching from factory farms in Europe to the forests of South America where huge soy plantations are devastating communities, destroying wildlife and worsening the effects of climate change.


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