10 October 2014

Activists tell EU decision-makers of impacts on people, forests and climate

This week, two Indonesian activists came to Brussels to speak to MEPs and policymakers to highlight the devastating impact that EU biofuels policy is having on their country.

Deforestation and land grabbing

Indonesia has some of the most biodiverse rainforest in the world. Yet it is now the world's premier site of deforestation, driven by the rapid expansion of palm oil plantations.

13 June 2014

EU energy ministers voted today to limit biofuels to 7% of Europe's transport energy in an attempt to prevent biofuels competing with food and causing deforestation.

28 May 2014

Land the size of Poland and Sweden combined will be needed to produce crops and wood for Europe's bioenergy needs by 2030, new research released today reveals. 

28 March 2014

Over the past fifty years, the food system has become increasingly globalised and has become heavily dependent on cheap raw materials, chemical inputs and mechanisation. The system favours large-scale intensive agriculture over small-scale farmers, international food corporations over local producers.

19 January 2014

30,000 people marched in Berlin this Sunday under the banner 'We Are Fed Up!' The march, organised by a broad coalition of organisations including Friends of the Earth Germany, Young Friends of the Earth, targeted factory farming and the threat to small-scale sustainable farming in Europe from the planned EU-US trade deal. Friends of the Earth called for sustainable food and farming, for the German government to fundamentally reform its agricultural policy and for the EU-US trade talks to protect people and planet.

9 January 2014

How overconsumption and intensive meat production wrecks the planet

Intensive meat and dairy production is having an increasingly devastating impact on society and the environment, according to a new 'Meat Atlas' published today by Friends of the Earth Europe and the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

12 December 2013

European Union energy chiefs failed today to limit the quantities of 'food based' biofuels allowed in Europe in a key debate in Brussels. The outcome means that plans to prevent biofuels competing with food will be further delayed, pushing more people into hunger and leading to further deforestation.

27 November 2013

This Friday (November 29) a crucial meeting will take place in Brussels which is likely to determine the fate of the EU's controversial biofuels policy.

The meeting between all EU ambassadors will aim to reach an agreement on how to reform Europe's failing biofuels policy, which Europe's energy ministers will then 'rubber stamp' when they vote on December 12.

27 October 2013

Every year since 2002, on the last Sunday of October, Friends of the Earth Wallonia and Brussels/Les Amis de la Terre Belgique, has invited people to 'The Big Day of the Apple'. And 2013 was no different.

Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels)
11 October 2013

Civil society organisations today blamed governments at the Committee on World Food Security for defending the biofuels industry rather than the people pushed into hunger by biofuels policies.


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