13 December 2019

The European Commission is promising to overhaul our food and farming system with its Farm to Fork Strategy as part of its European Green Deal. But will it really shift agriculture away from industrial farming, support farmers and stop climate and ecological breakdown? In our open letter to Executive Commission Vice-President Timmermans, Agriculture Commissioner Wojciechowski, Health Commissioner Kyriakides and Environment Commissioner Sinkevičius, we call on the Commission to propose a genuinely radical strategy to push Europe on a path towards food sovereignty.

17 July 2019

After Ursula Von Der Leyden was confirmed as the new President of the European Commission, Friends of the Earth Europe joined 36 other civil society organisations working on farming, fisheries, the environment, animal welfare, health, consumers, consumer co-operatives, development, social justice, climate, and forestry, to ask her to seek a new direction in the way food policies are made and priorities are set.

The core demands are:

1. the EU should develop an integrated EU food policy over the course of the next legislature

14 May 2019

The EU must urgently reform damaging farming subsidies to stand a chance of saving nature, preventing the worst effects of climate change and reviving small farms and our rural regions, according to the Agriculture Atlas 2019 – a unique publication of facts and figures on the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) published by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Friends of the Earth Europe and BirdLife Europe.

The Agriculture Atlas 2019 shows that:

17 April 2019

Across Europe, small-scale farmers and food activists are pushing a transition towards a better way of producing and consuming food. One that respects nature and the climate, produces better food, and provides good livelihoods for those involved.

These testimonies showcase successful examples from countries where a transition towards agroecological farming and local distribution is already happening. They are but a handful of the huge, diverse movement that is growing across Europe.

How can we support them to grow and thrive?

25 March 2019

The CAP is currently undergoing a process of reform, providing the perfect opportunity to reorient the EU’s food and farming system, which has lost thousands of farms in the last decades. At this key moment for the direction of European agriculture, the Nyeleni movement have published a report giving a number of arguments in support of small-scale sustainable producers.

20 March 2019

Ahead of an important vote in April 2019 in the European Parliament to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Friends of the Earth Europe and 15 other civil society organisations representing organic farmers, environmental protection, animal welfare, development, food and health interests are demanding MEPs in the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development vote to defend real value for public money and public and societal interests, not only those of farmers.

22 November 2018

The EU has a soy problem. It makes up around 40% of all plant protein used for animal feed in the EU – and 95% of it is imported from abroad. Destructive soy monocultures in Latin America are a direct consequence of the need to feed factory farms in the EU, where 9 billion animals are reared every year. This report assesses the state of play of protein crops and animal feed in the EU, and offers ways forward.

25 September 2018

The ‘Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens’ sets out a future of Europe based on core ethical values and sustainable development: democracy and transparency, social and environmental justice, human rights, the rule of law, equality, and solidarity. It states that European policies, rules and standards should that do what they were intended for: protect and safeguard well-being and health, ensure safety and freedom for people and protection of the climate and the environment, and serve present and future generations in and outside Europe.

29 May 2018

Ahead of the European Commission's proposed 'Protein Plan' to grow more protein-heavy crops in the EU, Friends of the Earth Europe joined an alliance of NGOs to write to Environment Commissioner Phil Hogan to call on him to use the plan to cut EU dependence on soy from the global south, where large monocultures lead to land grabs and degradation, and tackle the main driver of our demand for soy - unsustainable factory farms.