18 December 2006

Brussels, 18 December - Friends of the Earth Europe has welcomed today's rejection by EU Environment Ministers of a proposal to force Austria to lift its bans on genetically modified (GM) foods and crops. The proposal was tabled by the European Commission in response to a ruling by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) earlier this year, which stated that the bans broke international trade laws.

4 December 2006

Brussels, 4 December - Friends of the Earth Europe has warned that Europe's potatoes will be at risk of contamination if genetically modified (GM) potatoes are grown commercially. EU Member States will vote today on a proposal to grow GM potatoes - the first EU vote on the cultivation of GM crops for 8 years. [1]Helen Holder, GMO Campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe said, "Allowing genetically modified potatoes to be grown in Europe would be a disaster.

24 October 2006

Brussels, 24th October - Friends of the Earth Europe has welcomed the decision to test all rice imports from the United States for genetically modified material before allowing them to enter the EU. EU member states voted for the tougher controls in a meeting of national food experts yesterday. [1]

23 October 2006

Brussels, 23rd October 2006 - EU member states must adopt tougher measures to control the spread of contaminated food imports, says Friends of the Earth Europe. Environment Ministers and national food safety experts are meeting separately today to discuss how to deal with the contamination of rice from both the United States and China with illegal genetically modified (GM) experimental strains.

The national food safety experts will vote today on a new proposal for mandatory testing of all US rice imports for GM contamination. [1]

21 September 2006

Brussels, 21 September 2006 - Friends of the Earth Europe has demanded a suspension of all long grain rice imports from the United States after the European Commission admitted today that a consignment of US rice certified as "GM-free" was retested and found to be contaminated. [1]

18 September 2006

Brussels, September 18th 2006 - Friends of the Earth Europe has called on the European Commission to respect EU member states' wishes and refuse authorisation of a genetically modified (GM) oilseed rape. At an Agriculture Council meeting today, only a small minority of EU Farm Ministers voted in favour of importing the GM oilseed rape into the EU.[1]

16 September 2006

Brussels, 17 September 2006 - Illegal US genetically modified (GM) rice has been found on the shelves of a big UK supermarket, Friends of the Earth Europe revealed today. The environmental campaign group is calling for a full product recall and is mounting a legal challenge over the UK Food Standards Agency's woeful response to the contamination incident.

1 September 2006

Brussels, 1 September 2006 - Friends of the Earth Europe today demanded that biotech giant Bayer finances all European food testing for its illegal genetically modified (GM) rice. EU member states are obliged to carry out testing of foods on their shelves following contamination of the food chain in the US with Bayer's experimental GM rice. The call comes as European authorities today published on the internet the official protocol for European laboratories to follow when testing foods for the illegal GM rice [1].

18 July 2006

Brussels, 18 July 2006 - The European Commission has been ruled guilty of "maladministration" after hiding documents from Friends of the Earth Europe that reveal scientific concerns about the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods. The Commission falsely used the premise that World Trade Organisation (WTO) disputes should involve the secrecy levels of court cases.

20 June 2006

Brussels June 20 - Friends of the Earth has condemned a high-level meeting on Europe's future biotechnology strategy, that is taking place today behind closed doors and from which environmental NGOs have been barred entry.[1]


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