17 November 2011

Brussels, November 17, 2011 – Increasing the use of biofuels in Europe will have devastating impacts on wildlife a new scientific assessment has shown. [1]

The report by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) estimates that 85 percent of biodiversity will be damaged across 17,000 square kilometres of natural habitats that risks being converted to farmland as a result of EU biofuel targets. None of this will be protected under current EU legislation for biofuels.

28 October 2011

Today, after nearly three years of campaigning from Friends of the Earth Croatia, the Croatian Parliament has abolished a law that allowed golf courses to abuse and even side step environmental regulation.

Following sustained public pressure from Friends of the Earth Croatia/Zelena Akcija along­side a number of other environmental groups, the Croatian Parlia­ment finally adopted the proposal from the Croatian Government.

1 October 2011

Friends of the Earth Cyprus exposed two of the three largest criminal gangs controlling illegal and non-selective bird trapping and killing in Cyprus. The Anti-Poaching Squad and the Game Fund and Wildlife Management Service located the two gangs and organised the immediate arrest of the leading trappers. At the same time, a top restaurant serving illegal birds, discovered in October 2010, received the largest fine possible from the Cypriot court. Work continues to expose further restaurants involved in this illegal trade.

21 June 2011

Brussels, June 21, 2011 – Poland, holders of the EU's next Council presidency, blocked any progress in climate discussions at today's Environment Council. Poland refuses to step up to a 25% domestic emission reductions by 2020 in Europe as suggested by Commissioner Hedegaard in March [1]. Earlier in the day, environment ministers failed to provide financial support to prevent biodiversity loss.

11 May 2011

Friends of the Earth groups across Europe have called on world leaders to take serious action for the melting arctic.

With global temperatures increasing and melting sea ice, the area is under threat of becoming a victim of and contributor to climate change.

In the arctic the temperature is rising twice as fast in comparison to other areas, and local communities, ecosystems and the natural environment are struggling to cope with a rapidly changing climate.

Finland, Norway, Sweden
3 May 2011

Brussels, May 3, 2011 – Friends of the Earth Europe welcomes today's European Commission plan [1] for the future of biodiversity in Europe, but warns measurable targets are urgently needed in the areas of agriculture and forestry if the strategy is to succeed. The document outlines how the 27 member states of the EU will implement the new global strategic plan for the Conven­tion on Biological Diversity (CBD), agreed in October last year alongside 193 nations.

26 March 2011

An 'Ark of Biodiversity', a mobile exhibition on Swiss biodiversity organised by Friends of the Earth Switzerland, has just completed a national tour.

People of all ages were able to walk on the timber ship, which is as big as a coach, and experience the mystery and wonder of biodiversity. On board the ark are about 40 animal and plant models.

1 December 2010

In the last days of the International Year of Biodiversity, Friends of the Earth Switzerland has submitted a petition to the Swiss parliament and government, signed by almost 30,000 people. The petition calls for more governance on issues of biodiversity and nature protection.

The large number of signatures collected in five months by Friends of the Earth Switzerland and environmental groups illustrates citizens' unwillingness to accept authorities neglecting their basic duties to stop the destruction of our planet.

7 July 2010

Strasbourg/Brussels, July 7 - Friends of the Earth Europe welcomed the majority vote in European Parliament today in favour of the European directive to ban illegal timber from the European market. Friends of the Earth Europe has been campaigning for over ten years for this law, to save the world's forests and to make sure forest dependent people get a fair deal. Friends of the Earth Europe will continue to follow the implementation process, to ensure countries and companies turn it into an effective law.

5 July 2010

Brussels, July 5 – In the week of the European Parliamentary vote for a new European timber law, over 120,000 European citizens have signed a petition asking European law makers to put a stop to the illegal timber trade. The petition was organised by Friends of the Earth Europe and global citzen's network Avaaz.org. Friends of the Earth Europe and Avaaz are calling on MEPs to ban illegally harvested timber and timber products from the EU market, ensure clear obligations for all timber operators and impose a minimum level of sanctions and penalties on offenders.


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