7 November 2013

More than 150 people formed the shape of a giant wind turbine in front of the European Parliament in Brussels today to call for more support for community renewable energy projects.

The colourful 'People's windmill' event aimed to send a message that citizen and community-controlled renewables should be at the centre of Europe's energy policy.

1 November 2013

You are invited to be part of the 'people's windmill' on this Thursday 7th November from 12:30-14:00 on the esplanade outside the European Parliament in Brussels.

We'll be working together to form a giant windmill image to show that people should be at the centre of renewable energy.

Clean, community-owned energy already exists and is a real solution to climate change. But it needs more momentum and political support. We'll be telling our decision-makers to put people and communities at the heart of a clean energy future.

11 October 2013

Today marks the beginning of a month of worldwide public protest and action to say no to dirty energy, and to support clean, renewable alternatives.

As part of the 'Reclaim Power' month, Friends of the Earth Europe will construct a people's windmill outside the European Parliament in Brussels on 7th November to show that people should be at the centre of renewable energy.

11 September 2013

Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria has reacted to plans to fund nuclear power plants with European taxpayers money with a new petition.

The European Commission is preparing new state aid rules which would enable EU member states to grant subsidies to all energy forms designated as low carbon – including nuclear. This funding has until now been for investing in renewable energies

3 September 2013

A fortnight to celebrate community power continues this week in the UK, with the aim of informing and inspiring people about the benefits of community power generation. The organiser, Community Energy Coalition, includes Friends of the Earth Scotland and a range of other civil society groups who aim to promote and facilitate communities across the UK owning, generating, and saving energy together.

The fortnight includes a range of events, workshops and showcases to enable people to explore the benefits of, and practical steps needed to help them to take, collective action.

Germany, Scotland
31 July 2013

 Friends of the Earth Spain accused the Spanish government today of putting the profits of power companies ahead of public and environmental interests.

The Spanish government’s recent energy reform bill includes the introduction of a fee for electricity generated from solar panels or other renewable sources. This fee will triple the projected payback period for independent and small-scale solar generation, effectively obstructing the development of small-scale, community-owned renewable projects.

5 July 2013

On the eve of the United Nations International Day of Co-operatives (July 6) organisations are calling for an urgent transformation away from the current corporate-controlled energy system.

Climate Alliance, Cooperatives Europe, Ecopower, Friends of the Earth Europe, and REScoop.eu are asking European Union decision makers to pave the way for a clean energy revolution led by citizens. Putting communities at the heart of Europe's energy systems will ensure widespread support for renewable energy on the scale needed to combat climate change, they say. [1]

22 May 2013

European leaders met today in Brussels to discuss energy policy. Their official conclusions show that concerns about high costs are delaying the transition to a clean and sustainable energy system.

This is faulty thinking, according to environment group Friends of the Earth Europe, which believes much more urgent changes to Europe's energy system are needed to prevent dangerous climate change.

27 March 2013

Brussels, March 27 - EU officials today published details of their planned approach to climate and energy policy until 2030. Friends of the Earth Europe has described the plans as ‘dangerously inadequate’ and particularly criticised the lack of legally binding targets to encourage more energy from renewables and more energy savings.

The European Commission’s strategy paper [1] indicates the executive’s clear support for a legally binding target for reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

9 March 2013

To commemorate the second anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Friends of the Earth Austria, Hungary and partner organisation "Sortir du nucleaire" formed a human chain of 20,000 activists in Paris today.

Austria, France, Hungary


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