Petition: Stop state support for nuclear

11 September 2013

Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria has reacted to plans to fund nuclear power plants with European taxpayers money with a new petition.

The European Commission is preparing new state aid rules which would enable EU member states to grant subsidies to all energy forms designated as low carbon – including nuclear. This funding has until now been for investing in renewable energies

People are being asked to sign the petition now and tell the EU Commissioners that they refuse to fund dangerous nuclear power. The Say No! To State Aid For Nuclear Power petition aims to keep European Union rules on state aid nuclear-free.

Reinhard Uhrig, director of Global2000/Friends of the Earth Austria, said: "The plan to award nuclear power preferential treatment enjoyed by wind, solar and other renewables on the basis of its allegedly low-carbon status is outrageous. The nuclear industry is fighting for survival. Without these subsidies the currently planned nuclear power plants are not economically viable so taxpayers are to be forced to step in and pay for them."

Global2000/Friends of the Earth Austria is working with the entire anti-nuclear movement in Europe which refuses to surrender the phasing out of nuclear energy and continues to fight for the transition to renewable energies and greater energy efficiency.

The EU Commission's official consultations start at the beginning of October 2013, and Global2000/Friends of the Earth Austria will be offering all EU citizens the opportunity to get involved by submitting protest letters.

Because the EU Commission is authorised to decide on the Environmental and Energy Aid guidelines 2014-202 on its own, without any involvement of the European Parliament or the EU member states, this could mean that, in future, nuclear power can be awarded state aid just like renewable energies.

Under the plans, nuclear power plants including Hinkley Point C in the UK and Temelin 3 and 4 in the Czech Republic could receive public money as 'low carbon' energy sources.

SIGN THE PETITION NOW and tell the EU Commissioners that you refuse to fund the next Fukushima.