NGO March for GMO-Free regions, Vienna, 05 April 2006

5 April 2006

Organised by a broad network of European environmental NGOs, farmers and regional movements against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), the "March of GMO-free Regions" visualized the European-wide resistance against GMO. NGOs, politicians, farmers and citizens of the different European countries marched towards the EU-conference " Co-existence of genetically modified, conventional and organic crops: The Freedom of Choice", organised by the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency, in Vienna on 4-6 April 2006. More than 3000 people from 20 European countries joined the march.

Friends of the Earth Austria/Global 2000 is co-organiser of the March and Friends of the Earth Europe is invited as speaker at the EU Conference, to express the NGOs demand for a strict legal framework, that avoids contamination of food, farming and the environment, and which enables local or regional authorities to declare their territories as GMO-free regions.

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