European Parliament votes for greener and fairer farming

23 June 2011

European Commission must follow with bold policies

Brussels, June 23, 2011 – Friends of the Earth Europe welcomes the European Parliament's steps towards more people and planet-friendly agriculture, including support for a fairer distribution of subsidies amongst farmers. The European Commission must now introduce bold and effective policies pushing for sustainable and fair European agriculture.

Stanka Becheva, food campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said: "Today's vote is a step forward towards ensuring greener and fairer farming in Europe. It's now down to the European Commission to follow this lead."

"Europe urgently needs measures that reduce dependence on environmentally and socially destructive soy, imported to feed European animals. We don't need to destroy the Amazon to feed our animals – with the right support Europe's livestock sector can become sustainable and self-sufficient, and Europe can feed itself."