1 June 2009

This report from the Green10 group of environmental organisations working at EU level examines the environmental record of the outgoing European Commission which it concludes is worringly off target. It examines successes and failures of the Commission in 12 policy areas that impact the environment, and sets out a checklist for the next Commission.

1 June 2009

A report on oil giant Shell and its colossal contribution to global climate change and dirty forms of energy. The research illuminates the corporate strategy and lobbying tactics of Chief Executive Jeron van der Veer.

1 June 2009

The natural resource base, on which the quality-of-life of our societies is built, is in danger of overexploitation and collapse. Based on an analysis of the current situation in the development of resource use indicators, and a qualitative evaluation of existing indicators against a set of criteria developed by Friends of the Earth, a suggestion for a set of resource use indicators is presented.

1 May 2009

This research report from Friends of the Earth Europe aims to provide an overview of all forms of public money spent on the production and primary processing of fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) in France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the European Union since early 2004. Public money includes research and development, investment and other subsidies; export credits and guarantees; tax rebates and reductions; bilateral development aid and other forms of financial incentives.

1 May 2009

Comprising case studies from seven countries ranging from the Czech Republic to India and South Africa, the report reveals new problems emerging around ArcelorMittal's iron ore mining operations in Nimba County, Liberia, including unclear resettlement plans for local people, a lack of permanent employment from the mine, threats to the Mount Nimba Nature Reserve, and a questionable donation of 100 pick-up trucks.

1 May 2009

This brief summarises our analysis of the carbon intensity of the top international oil companies. It reveals
that Shell has become the most carbon intensive oil company in the world based on its total resources.

1 April 2009

This updated map from CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe displays 55 environmentally destructive and economically unsound projects, several of which are already being funded, and the bulk of which are still in line for accelerated anti-crisis funding from the EU structural and cohesion funds and the European Investment Bank.

1 February 2009

This report from Friends of the Earth International reveals the failure of genetically modified crops around the world, and how statistics showing their increase in Europe have been manipulated.

It explains how the rising grain prices behind the world food crisis have allowed biotech giants like Monsanto to dramatically increase the price of GM seeds and chemicals they sell to farmers.The findings of the report support a comprehensive United Nations assessment of world agriculture which concluded that GM crops have very little potential to alleviate poverty and hunger.

1 December 2008

This report fouses on the expert groups known as high level groups which advise the European Commission on controverial issues like climate change, chemcials and food. It finds that groups are unbalanced and undemocratic, and geared towards improving the competitiveness of European business at the expense of h is other public interests.

1 October 2008

This report examines the case of the vast Malaysian State of Sarawak, which is developing large-scale plantations at breath-taking speed having overexploited its timber resources and depleted its forests.

Sarawak plans to more than double its 2007 levels of oil palm acreage by 2010, taking it to a total of 1.3 million hectares.