Episode #4 of our podcast series: How to stop CETA

15 December 2016

In this episode, we walk you through the different stages of the #StopCETA campaign over the Autumn of Action 2016.

We start in Bratislava, where we went in September to make clear - once more - to the trade ministers we do not want either TTIP - the EU-US free trade agreement currently negotiated - or CETA - the EU-Canada free trade deal that was signed on the 30th of October after a long resistance from several of the belgian Parliaments.

Other countries did show their concerns over the trade deal, which resulted in the redaction of additional declarations to the CETA text. Nothing to get too excited about, so we also went to Luxembourg to show our support to those who were refusing to sign.

CETA might have been signed, but it looks like Belgium will ask the European Court of Justice an opinion on the legality of the Investment Court System (ICS). We will keep our fingers crossed that they do comply to their resolution.

Meanwhile, activists and civil society in general are continuing the fight. In this episode, we also talk about TTIP Game Over, a citizen's call to take action against all free-trade deals. And last but not least, you will also hear about the Canadian side of the opposition as well as all the coordinated efforts of civil society to stop the deal.

Photos of the mobilisation can be found on our flickr account.

Next stop will be the vote at the European Parliament at the beginning of February!


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