New report: Benefits of a Spanish climate law

29 July 2010

A new report on the benefits for Spain of adopting a climate law has been launched by Friends of the Earth Spain at a press conference in Madrid.

The report was produced by Friends of the Earth Spain and Factor CO2 (formerly Ecofys in Spain). 'Oportunidades para una Ley de Cambio Climático en España basada en los presupuestos de carbon' (Opportunities for a Climate Change Law in Spain based on carbon budgets) shows opportunities, advantages and barriers to implementing a climate law in Spain.

The report explains, with examples, the way to achieve domestic emissions reductions without relying on carbon markets.

The Friends of the Earth Spain team is currently distributing the report to national and regional politicians in order to make the concept of carbon budgets understandable, as well as to create debate among the citizens and their politicians.