28 September 2018


On the 3rd-10th September 2018, YFoEE hosted a youth summer camp in Platres in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus. There were 60 young people from 28 different countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America in attendance at the camp.

20 September 2018

Dora Sivka


If climate change has taught us anything, it's that we don't live in homogenous societies.

When climate-induced catastrophes strike, all of the social and systemic injustices that persist in our societies are revealed. In one of our previous mythbusters, we've already debunked the myth of climate change being only an environmental issue and exposed how it fuels an entire range of inequalities.

30 August 2018


Louise McKeever


About me: I am a young climate activist. I organise with Young Friends of the Earth Scotland and Fossil Free Glasgow, a local campaign group working to get our council to divest their pension fund from fossil fuel companies. I cannot speak on behalf of "young people" and all the intersections that come with this, but put forward some ideas and challenges that we can bring to the climate debate.


Intergenerational injustice

28 August 2018

Our food and farming system is being taken further down the road of industrialisation - with the use of more chemicals, more factory farms and controlled by even bigger corporations. Small scale, sustainable producers are being pushed out and healthy food is increasingly becoming a luxury for the wealthy.

Industrialised global food systems cause land grabbing, deforestation and climate change, disproportionately impacting communities in the Global South in order to produce Europe's food.

Animal welfare and human health suffer as a result of unsustainable farming practices.

28 August 2018

Hello! We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Silvie and Melis and we are the 3rd and 4th Agri-Activists for this year at Caerhys farm and will be working with Gerald and Ingrid for the rest of the summer campaigning for a better food future.

We’d like to tell you about Caerhy’s annual Harvest Party that happened last weekend at the farm.


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